Since childhood, Mark W. Mumma has been branding everything. A project in elementary school: create a logo. Not only did Mark ace it, branding became a passion at the tender age of 7. About the same time he discovered music and a lifelong love affair began with both.

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In college Mark witnessed the birth of MTV. August 1, 1981 will forever be remembered as the day the light bulb lit up. Mobile music videos would become a passion that continues to burn strong in Mark today. 35 years and still rockin'.

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Never Square

Plugged deep into social media, pop culture and current world events, Mark has a unique take on the world as a serial entrepreneur. Always tinkering, designing, inventing and implementing. His true passion is the start-up business. He's launched just under a thousand of them for himself, as well as others, over the last 30 years. He can help you launch or re-launch yours. It's what he lives for.

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Mark enjoys the art of gourmet cooking and grilling. He's continuously in search of culinary delights and new things to try.


Since Ronald Reagan first ran for president in 1980, Mark was fascinated with politics. Funny how history repeats itself sometimes.


Mark creates hundreds of videos each year for himself and others. New technology has allowed for some incredible video production.

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If Mark has not yet met you, he'd like to change that. If you have a business idea or an existing business, he would be delighted to discuss your hopes and dreams and see where he might be able to help you reach some of those dreams. Make an appointment today.

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