Since childhood, Mark W. Mumma has been branding everything. A project in elementary school: create a logo. Not only did Mark ace it, branding became a passion at the tender age of 7. About the same time he discovered music and a lifelong love affair began with both.

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In college Mark witnessed the birth of MTV. August 1, 1981 will forever be remembered as the day the light bulb lit up. Mobile music videos would become a passion that continues to burn strong in Mark today. 35 years and still rockin'.

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Plugged deep into social media, pop culture and current world events, Mark has a unique take on the world as a serial entrepreneur. Always tinkering, designing, inventing and implementing. His true passion is the start-up business. He's launched just under a thousand of them for himself, as well as others, over the last 30 years. He can help you launch or re-launch yours. It's what he lives for.

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